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Concierge House Calls


Doctor visits at your home or office


If you are in need of a house call visit, you can contact InFocus Urgent Care to schedule an appointment for one of our doctors to visit you at your home or office.  Patients who are too sick to travel, elderly, or who simply prefer the convenience of having the doctor come to them can schedule an appointment by calling InFocus Urgent Care at 609-799-7009.  

House call visits can be scheduled for just about any medical issue that you would cause you to come to the urgent care or see your regular doctor.  House call appointments can be particularly useful for:

  •  Elderly patients who have difficulty leaving their home;
  • Patients who are concerned about contracting illnesses when leaving home;
  • Patients who are feeling to sick or run down to go out in public
  • Patients who seek confidentiality;
  • Patients who are withdrawing from drug or alcohol and are using our services for home based drug or alcohol detoxification;
  • Patients who have schedules that are too busy to allow them to come to a doctor's office and would prefer the doctor to come to them instead.

We call this service “The Bag Is Back” – it is our way of changing the way medicine is practiced allowing patients choice when deciding how they will see their doctor.  Insurance companies vary regarding reimbursement for house call visits.  Patients pay for house call visits directly and InFocus Urgent Care will provide billing documents for patients to seek reimbursement if available from the patient's insurance company.

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