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Pneumonia Specialist

InFocus Urgent Care

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Pneumonia is an infection that occurs in one or both of your lungs, causing your air sacs to fill up with fluid or pus. If you’re coughing and have a fever with chills and trouble breathing, the team at InFocus Urgent Care is here to help. Call, make an appointment online, or go to one of the three convenient locations in Ewing Township, New Brunswick, and West Windsor.

Pneumonia Q & A

What kinds of complications are associated with pneumonia?

Even with the proper treatment from the team at InFocus Urgent Care, there are complications associated with pneumonia, including:

Bacteria in your bloodstream

Bacteria gets into your blood from your lungs and spreads the infection to your other organs, potentially causing organ failure.

Difficulty breathing

Severe pneumonia, along with chronic underlying lung diseases, cause you difficulty getting enough oxygen.

Fluid accumulation

Also referred to as pleural effusion, pneumonia causes fluid to build up in the thin space between the layers of tissue that line your lungs and chest cavity. The team at InFocus Urgent Care needs to drain it, especially if this fluid becomes infected.

Lung abscess

Lung abscesses occur when pus forms in your lung cavity. Antibiotics can treat these sores.

How is pneumonia diagnosed?

When you visit InFocus Urgent Care with symptoms of pneumonia, your dedicated medical provider performs a physical exam that includes listening to your breathing patterns with a stethoscope. If you have pneumonia, your doctor will hear crackling, bubbling, and/or rumbling sounds, as well as wheezing in your lungs when you inhale.

If your doctor suspects pneumonia, the next step is to confirm diagnoses through a chest X-ray and other diagnostic tools including:

  • Blood tests: confirms the type of organism causing your infection
  • Pulse oximetry: used to measure the oxygen level in your blood
  • Sputum test: a fluid sample from your lungs is analyzed

How is pneumonia treated?

The doctors at InFocus Urgent Care recommend that you rest and drink plenty of fluids, as this helps loosen secretions in your lungs and bring up phlegm.

Beyond that, your specific treatment depends on the type and severity of your pneumonia, as well as your age and your overall health. The most common options include:

  • Antibiotics to help treat bacterial pneumonia
  • Cough medicine to help calm your cough so you can rest
  • Fever reducers/pain relievers including aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen, to help treat or manage your fever and discomfort

If your symptoms indicate more than a cold and you think you have pneumonia, call, make an appointment online, or go to one of the three convenient locations of InFocus Urgent Care.